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Enrichment Programs for Kids


When the school day ends,
the fun begins!!!


Building a Robot

Putting Safety First

We take extra measures to ensure your children are safe while attending our program.


Pick Your Program
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The enrichment programs at F-n-F are devised with the successes of our students in mind. Programs group students according to their developmental stage. K-1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th-5th. This has proven to be a success at F-n-F due to construction of our program ideology. The idea is, those children that may have difficulties, the younger students will receive secondary assistance from an older student. The younger student hears the instruction twice then will receive one on one attention. The older student is put in a teaching position where he/she has to apply careful the information and then instruct. This all happens under the careful watch of staff. This action instills confidence and a true understanding of the information for both students. There are at least two teachers or an assistant to help with any questions and assistance without interrupting the lesson. F-n-F enrichment programs are designed so that no student falls behind or feels left out. F-n-F sole purpose is to improve the development of all our students and put them in a position to be successful for the future.

Arts and Crafts Class

This science program is an introduction into science thats EXCITING, EXPLOSIVE as well as EDUCATIONAL! So much fun your kid will be wanting more!

In this stage of the program students are introduced to the technical basics mechanics of Robotics and Engineering, in conjunction with Dynamic science.

The third phase of FNF gives students a more comprehinsive look at engineering, coding and robotics. Studnts will still explore science with more indepth projects.

Students will get an in depth understanding of Engineering and robotics with hands on progects that are challenging and exciting.

Technology Class

Students will learn basic fundamentals; from footwork, defensive stance, rebounding, boxing out, form shouting, layups, passing, dribbling and much more.

Your young students will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of physical education. Learning movments to promote cordination, teamwork and mental strenght are just some of the skills our student athletes will aquire.


Busy Kids = Happy Parents

"FNF has given my son the confidence he needed to be succesfull in the classroom as well as sports".

Rayn's Mom

Sponsor Support

"FNF will improve the future of those children who attend and Coca Cola is in full support".

Ray F.  SVP 

Commercialization, Coca Cola

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